“Your South East Cornwall” Magazine Article 

An article about the The Solstice Blade has been published in the October-November edition of “Your South East Cornwall” magazine. The article is reproduced below:

Liskeard has been at the centre of rather more otherworldly activity than usual recently, at least in “The Solstice Blade”, the fantasy adventure novel set in the town by local author Robert Beck.
When Travis, Evan and Liam are tricked into invoking an ancient magic ritual, a chain of events is set in motion that allows an alternate reality called the Otherworld to begin to bleed through in to modern day Liskeard. If the brothers cannot reverse the effects of the spell before the winter solstice, their lives, and those of everyone else, will never be the same again.

Robert first began writing about the local area when his sons were very young, writing short stories which would mysteriously be delivered onto their doorstep and then lead them off on real world adventures around the Liskeard and Looe area. These early stories generally involved a crew of invisible pirates headed by Black Jake, a fashion and heavy-metal music obsessed captain, whose attempts to disrupt Christmas were constantly thwarted by an undercover elf named Bob.

As his family grew older the stories grew with them. The most elaborate adventure culminating in the launching of sky-rockets to re-seed the airwaves with the scents of Christmas so that Santa’s reindeer were able to navigate around the world again after Black Jake’s latest fiendish attempt to destroy Christmas. 

When Robert’s sons reached early adulthood the idea for The Solstice Blade was born. The novel developed, drawing in influences from ancient mythology, local folklore, and intertwining them with Robert’s own imagination. Soon it was realised that with a little more work the story could be developed into a full novel.

With the publication of The Solstice Blade in December 2016 the opportunity for some more creativity presented itself, and three copies of the novel were hidden in and around Liskeard. At the moment of the winter solstice, clues with differing levels of difficulty were published on The Solstice Blade’s Facebook page. Followers of the page were very creative, keeping us updated on their progress with photographs and even comments in the form of short stories which were added to as they made progress towards their prize. 

A sequel to The Solstice Blade, provisionally entitled Lyskerrys is now well underway. Keep an eye on the blog on The Solstice Blade’s website or the Facebook page for updates.

With summer coming to an end and the winter solstice once again approaching, the levels of background magic in the town will undoubtedly start to rise once more. Keep your eyes open, this is Liskeard – who knows what might happen!

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