Mount Edgcumbe Christmas Fayre

On the weekend of the 9th and 10th of December we were fortunate enough to be offered a pitch at the Mount Edgcumbe Christmas Fayre selling and signing copies of The Solstice Blade. Mount Edgcumbe is a beautiful stately home built in about 1520 located on the Rame peninsular, overlooking Plymouth Sound. The event was extremely well organised and well attended.

On day one we were positioned outside in a gazebo, close to the Sealed Knot English Civil War re-enactment group, where I was able to meet with a Polish mercenary, who despite having an expression fierce enough to qualify in a future installment of The Solstice Blade, was willing to pose for a photograph!

On the second day, the winds were very high, and the organisers kindly moved us into the main house – what a treat it was to have a prime location inside in the warm after a day spent getting up close and personal with a December Saturday in South East Cornwall!

We were installed next to a 16th century Flemish tapestry and a travelling chest of similar vintage. Apparently tapestries served the purpose of providing insulation and draught proofing as well as functioning as a status symbol.

Just through the door to the left in the photograph was a large hall where the Mount Edgcumbe Christmas tree was situated, with a staircase up to a gallery, and from lunchtime onward we were treated to  Christmas carols sung on the staircase by various local choirs.

I would definitely recommend Mount Edgcumbe for a visit if you are ever in South East Cornwall, you might even get to meet this guy if you look closely enough!

I certainly plan to return for a proper look around when I don’t have to man the stall!

You can read more about Mount Edgcumbe on their official website here:

As always, if you are reading this on GoodReads and are unable to see the images, please visit The Solstice Blade’s blog post here.

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