Proper Solstice Blade Weather!

If you don’t live in Cornwall, you may not know how unusual it is for it to snow here. So, for the benefit of the uninitiated, on a scale of one to ten, where one is “very likely” and ten is “very unlikely”, the chance of snow in Cornwall in March is generally accepted by most academics to be about twelve. In fact it is one of the things that the three brothers complain about in The Solstice Blade.

Having made the point about how unlikely snow is in the opening chapters of the novel, today  the weather decided to prove this author wrong, but also provided a photographic opportunity that was too good to miss, so without further ado, you are invited to follow Liam, Evan and Travis’s journey through Liskeard once again, this time featuring Actual Snow

A view towards Varley Lane in Liskeard.
The lane beside the old grammar school near the beginning of the route that Celyn, Liam, Evan, and Travis took in to Liskeard.
Looking across a snow covered cattle market car park in Liakeard.
Looking across a snow covered cattle market car park.
A view down the alleyway between the cattle market carpark and Windsor Place.
The alley between the cattle market car park and Windsor Place. This is where Celyn, Liam, Evan and Travis meet the Lord of Misrule.
View past the fountain looking towards Webbs House and Pike Street.
The fountain where the town Christmas tree is erected each year.
Looking down Pike Street towards the Guildhall clock tower.
Pike Street and the Guildhall clock tower.
A view up Pike Street hill with a lone tobogganer
A tobogganer making their way up Pike Street in Liskeard.
The Guildhall at the corner of Fore Street and Pike Street.
The arcade of shops where Travis first though he could hear footsteps following them.
View along Fore Street towards the Guildhall clock tower.
View back along Fore Street towards the Guildhall clock tower. The second-hand shop where Travis bought the paper knife is located in this road.

To see largely the same scenes without the addition of Glorious Natural Snowfall™ visit this page.

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